How to Install WordPress Using WAMP or XAMP in Windows Computer?

Do you know that you can download WordPress App on your Windows computer for purpose of testing and learning. Using Wordpress on Windows is a nice method to test plugins, tools and changes that are brought in your website or blog. In this article we will tell you how to install WordPress using WAMP or XAMP on Windows computer. The process of installing WordPress on your personal desktop or laptop is also regarded as a local server host. In general plugin developers and theme designers install WordPress on a local server environment to enhance the speed of development procedure. The idea of using WordPress on Windows system in order to test any major changes in your website is a nice one. In this way you can catch as well as solve any website issue before they block traffic on your site.

What to know about WAMP?
WAMP is also known as Wamp Server. It is a combination of MySQL, PHP and Apache web server that has been merged with Windows computer. You will require WAMP to create your own local server environment and install the app of WordPress on Windows. There are other clients who use XAMPP on Windows. However we suggest clients to use WAMP. This plugin is very easy to use.

How to install WAMP server on your personal computer?
The very first step that you need to implement is go to a WAMP Server website and download the latest version of WAMP. You will come across various options on the download website page. You have to choose that version of WAMP that is applicable to your Windows system ie 32-bit or 64 bit. When you feel any kind of doubt you can choose 32-bit version because it also functions well on Windows of 64- bit. After downloading WAMP server you will need to run the installation program very carefully by following the instructions on your screen. While doing installation the WAMP server will ask you about default web browser. You can choose internet explorer but later on you can upgrade it to Firefox or Google Chrome because these browsers have fast loading speed.
Set up a database for WordPress

The next important step is creating a blank MySQL database at WordPress to use. WAMP server is available with PHP and My Admin. This is a web based app that is used for managing MySQL databases. You will simply need to click on the icon of WAMP server and then click on PHP my admin. The PHP Admin login screen will get opened in a new browser window. By default you can leave the password field to be blank. Once after you get logged in you will need to click on the database in the PHP My Admin. You will be asked to choose a name for your chosen database. After that you will have to click on the Create option.

Install WordPress with WAMP on Windows

The next step is doing installation of WordPress on your WordPress Windows. For this purpose you will need to download a hard copy of WordPress from the directory of You have to just go ahead to download the zip file and copy in the folder of WordPress. After that you will have to do navigation of this folder in which you have downloaded WAMP. You can paste the WordPress folder in the C drive of your computer. You can assign a new name to the WordPress folder. This will become the URL of your local WordPress site. You should choose such a name that could be remembered easily. Now you can develop WordPress themes and test changes locally on your computer.

Conclusion:- If you run WAMP local host on your WordPress site installed on your personal computer then you will have a unique experience of browsing and exploring WordPress.