WordPress Themes Compatible E-Commerce Plugins

Good morning to all dear chaps! The internet is a perfect medium that can interconnect sellers and buyers. If you choose the right products as a seller then you can make a nice living by selling genuine products online. If you are planning to commence an E-commerce website then you will need to invest least start up costs. E-commerce is one of the most popular online business models that you can start with free themes of WordPress. You can save plenty of money by selling your physical and digital goods through a business website. E-commerce plugins are one of the most essential back bone features of your online store. For this reason today we will discuss WordPress themes compatible E-commerce plugins.

You may ask us why to commence an E-commerce store at WordPress. Our answer is that WordPress is the best E-commerce platform for selling physical and digital goods. It has a set of powerful and customizable features. Here you will get reliable shopping carts, payment processing gateways and show case pages of products. However you will need to install an E-commerce plugin so that your online business activities may run smoothly. Free WordPress themes and templates can be of great help in creating a dynamic business website.

List of WordPress compatible E-commerce plugins

1) Woo-Commerce

Woo-Commerce is one of the foremost E-commerce plugins that is compatible with WordPress. More than 10 million WordPress users have downloaded and installed this plugin on their online stores powered by WordPress. This is one of the most popular plugins. This plugin has been developed and created by Woo-Themes. It is available to get free at the WordPress repository. This lets you to maintain all factors of an online E-commerce shop right from your dashboard that is controlled by WordPress. Woo-Commerce makes it super easy to upload products on your E-commerce website. These are generally digital products. You can also upload free images, write product descriptions and set prices. Woo-Commerce supports all major payment gateways like Amazon and PayPal Pro.

2) iThemes Exchange

If you give main concern to usability then iThemes Exchange can meet your needs in an excellent way. This plugin is having a streamlined and easy to use interface. It is indeed simple to use. Even if you have minimal technical skins then also you can use this E-commerce plugins with ease. The core of this plugin can be downloaded and installed free of cost. You can fully extend this E-commerce plugin. It makes use of Payment gateways like PayPal Standard and PayPal Pro.

3) Market Press E-commerce

This is another plugin of E-commerce with a free lite version. However here we will discuss about its premium version. You can subscribe this plugin at a minimal and cheap price of $24.50 per month. This plugin also gives you access to child and upfront themes. Market Press E-commerce is a fully compatible E-commerce solution. It carries all functionalities that you are seeking in a WordPress plugin. This plugin is very easy to use and you can just sell any physical or digital commodity through it. You can also create a show case of your products with this plugin.

4) WP eCommerce

his E-commerce plugin has been launched by WordPress in 2006. It is one of the most popular plugins to carry E-commerce transactions. Many people compare this plugin with Woo-Commerce. It has a compatible cart in which you can download your favorite products and buy them online. This plugin provides you with the facility of managing inventory and management of business tax. You can process payments at its gateways like PayPal Standard and PayPal Pro.

Conclusion:- If you use E-commmerce plugins powered by WordPress to run your online store then you can earn more online fortune. You will find many E-commerce plugins that are available either free or at a cheap cost.